The ERYT Seminar for Experienced Yoga Teachers

Mastery in Yoga Teaching

Click here for The Yoga Alliance, standards for YTT 200 hour and 500 hour certifications and for ERYT status.

The Healing Post provides an educational concentration geared to obtaining ERYT status from the Yoga Alliance and for implementing advanced skills for professional Yoga Teachers. The purpose of this specialized, educational track is to nurture each participant's own, individual teaching style, technique-background and emergence of their Mastery In Yoga Teaching.

A seminar format brings together the highly developed knowledge bases of veteran teachers and the newly honed skills of well-trained novices. The protocols we employ for giving and receiving constructive feedback and self-correction are used in many of the most advanced certification programs in Yoga Instructor Education. These protocols include: Comments from participants, using specific feedback techniques to optimize the emergence of precious insights into how to teach; Structures for self-appraisal; Observations and experiential instruction from the seminar facilitators; Optional video recording and review of each teacher's presentations.

One of the foundations of teacher excellence is interaction with peers and instructors, especially regarding strengths and weaknesses. Strict confidentiality agreements encourage honest, productive learning and self-initiated growth.

A segment of each seminar session is devoted to discussions about teaching situations and the problems or successes of seminar participants. In addition to their immediate educational benefit, these discussions are intended to foster the habit of seeking ongoing, peer discussion and review, as a life-long practice.

Our Student-Centered Approach to teaching Yoga is one of the core concentrations of this course. Teaching methods that center on the individual needs and goals of students are basic to all of the Healing Post's professional trainings. We believe, Teaching that responds to specific, current conditions, needs and goals of our seminar participants is fundamental to masterful Yoga instruction.

This seminar is a two-year study in Yoga Teaching Methods, "The-How-To-Teach-It" - along with the necessary Yoga practice skills that empower adept instructing, The-How-to-do-It. The curriculum includes a review of the course materials in our other YA-oriented programs - Asana, Pranayama, Meditation, Mantra and Chanting, Yamas and Niyamas.

Additional focuses of the seminar:
Studies in Karma Yoga - our relationship to our vocation as service, with in-depth attention to Ethics and the Yoga Teacher-Student relationship.
Explorations in Jnana Yoga - The basis for transforming our knowledge into wisdom.
Introduction to Raja Yoga.
Practice Teaching Dhyana Yoga - Meditation elements and approaches. This focus includes Chakra Integration Techniques, necessary to understanding the boundaries and safety issues of advanced Yoga studies.
Bhakti Yoga. Toward Heart-Centered Yoga.

The seminar meets two days per month, on a particular, designated weekend. In addition to lectures, demonstrations and constructive comment, four to eight hours per month, per participant, are devoted to practice teaching.

Time and space for weekly, four-hour practice teaching sessions, with further feedback, are made available outside of the official meeting schedule, as an integral part of the course. Teachers who already have ERYT status (or who have equivalency to ERYT status without registration with the YA) attend a minimum of 36 of the weekly practice sessions per year. Teachers who are working toward ERYT status (or teachers who are seeking the equivalent, without YA registration) attend the maximum of 48 weeks per year.

Additionally, participants teach and log at least two Yoga classes per week, given, either in a professional setting or informally - as, for example, to family and friends. The suggested class length is 1.5 hours, with 15 minutes included for Q&A.

As outlined above, the ERYT Track affords a minimum of 680 hours of teaching classes. Those participants who are accruing teaching hours toward ERYT 200 or 500 certifications log and document regular professional or informal classes, outside of the course framework.

Please note that the YA does not require a special course for ERYT certification, other than the standards they publish for the RYT 200 and RYT 500. Therefore, this course is an elective, portions of which may receive approval for CEU hours.

While experienced students and teachers from other programs may join the seminar, we encourage potential applicants for YTT 200 and YTT 500 certifications who are already enrolled in a YA-approved program to continue their studies in that venue, as well. As an Affiliated School of Robin's Yoga and Healing Center, LLC, there may be opportunities for cross-linkage of courses and credits between The Healing Post and Robins Yoga, details of which are still to be arranged between both centers and with The Yoga Alliance.